Madras Prop Store Studio

Welcome to Madras Prop Store

What began as a simple prop store, has now mushroomed into a full scale, 360 degree studio where you can

  • Rent props
  • Buy Props
  • Shoot with your client and props

And also get inspired!!


Before we begin with how to get the best of our new space, let us tell you a bit of us

When we created this space, we wanted this 2 BHK Jafferkhanpet Studio to represent who we are and what we do and most importantly, to give you a one stop solution for all your photography needs. So when you walk in, you wont have to go anywhere else for your photo needs.

We offer:

  • A large Hall which is air conditioned so you get ample space to shoot
  • A waiting area adjacent to the Hall
  • A fully functional kitchen with food props
  • A Props Display room for other clients to come and see
  • An office room for our office works.

In short, this is a community where you are free to do the lot and WE’RE NOT JUST A STUDIO

But that also means, there might be a possibility of multiple groups working together.

When the photographer/client books the studio they get to use the shoot space or the hall and the props in display room. There may be a group shooting in the kitchen.

And we assure you, that while the space is not shared, a few hellos to a few strangers sharing a common passion is an amazing thing.


We know you have a deadline. But we need your 5 minutes

Since the props are taken from display, please keep the props back responsibly in their respective places immediately after that setup is done. Like paying it forward, this is your contribution to the community we are creating.

Our staff will help you to get the fabrics, flowers off the display for you. Please do not take it out yourself because we arrange it in a specific fashion.

If you are shooting a little one, new moms and feeding moms will be dedicated one chair in the office room which she can use whenever required. Your baby is precious to us and we respect the privacy you require.

The whole team including parents are expected to wear socks. Because babies are susceptible to germs more than we are. A little care goes a long way


We understand that in a shoot space, plans change. Ideas brew and great photos become a part of your life. Should you need to hire extra props, here’s a quick glance at the rates!

  • Wooden backdrop floordrop setup extra 500
  • Baby Outfits each extra 75 RS
  • Floral Bonnets each extra 250 RS
  • Flokati carpet extra 275 RS
  • Bath sessions extra 500 RS
  • Cake smash sessions extra 600 RS.
  • We have paper decor available, please check with our staff.
  • Exclusive props ( each 400 extra ) – Dreamcatcher ,Shower tub, Boat, Baby pram , Moon
  • Premium props ( each 699 extra ) – Royal tufted sofa


We collect our props with a lot of love and we expect them to stay as is so many people can use it for years to come. If your shoot unfortunately spoils our props, we will have to charge a damage fee so we can get it to working condition again.

Sounds only fair right?

What do you want to do?

Rent Props? 

  • Head over to our Baby Photography Rentals to rent for your baby shoot
  • Head over to our Food Photography Rentals to rent for your food shoot

Buy Props?

  • We have made it just easy for you to order here. Please check and buy the props you dream of. 
  • Assistance needed? Feel free to email us at or whatsapp us at +919597254222

Studio Booking?

Please check our brochure below. When you are ready with the package of your choice, email us at or whatsapp us at +919597254222

Well, that’s it! Knock yourself out. And happy photographing to you.