About Us


The Madras Prop Store Story

We help you create moments, defining moments.

At Madras Prop Store, we curate products that are genuinely hand-made, rustic and distinct with a touch of brilliance. We believe in the little details that add to the big picture, the personal touch that every shot needs. Whether you look for a vintage or modern theme, you find the right props and backdrops here. We are excited to help you capture the right frame and bring every concept to life, telling a story that is personal.

My passion for food photography fostered me to start with our Madras Prop Store, creating food styling props that cater to food stylists and photographers. The story of props piled up a step higher inspired by the handcrafted props that we procured for our little angels. We then began creating props for baby and toddler photography. Now, I feel glad about embracing these baby styling props as I see my little ones on every creation in the store. My heart fills with contentment when i see my little girls mingle with every prop of ours when put into trial. Our success story has reached a milestone today with about more than 60 varied aesthetic baby styling and food styling props.

We also have a studio for product photographers, food stylists and baby photographers in chennai where we rent out the studio as well as props. We help you have your space to capture memorable moments with every shot.